6 Types of jobs you can do remotely in Thailand

Thinking of working remotely in Thailand? You might be surprised the kind of jobs you can do. Why do these jobs at home when you can do them in an entirely different country?

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Here are 6 kinds of jobs you can do remotely in Thailand. Maybe its time to talk to your customers or your employer to see if you can get it done?

Information technology
This category includes jobs such as software development, website design and development, and data analysis.

Customer service
Remote customer service jobs may involve answering customer inquiries via phone, email, or chat.

Marketing and sales
Remote marketing and sales jobs may involve tasks such as creating and implementing marketing campaigns, generating leads, and closing sales.

Writing and editing
Remote writing and editing jobs may involve creating content for websites, magazines, or other publications.

Teaching and tutoring
There may be opportunities for remote teaching and tutoring in subjects such as English, math, and science.

Remote consulting jobs may involve providing advice and guidance to businesses in areas such as management, strategy, and operations.

So your challenge will be 2 things - deciding if you need a visa and what kind of visa to get, and figuring out how you can get your employer or customers to deal with you working from a time zone with a huge variance.

Contact Baan Smile and get a consultation so you can have the knowledge to start planning your remote work escape to Thailand.

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