Can tourists and expats get vaccines in Thailand?

Can you get a first time Vaccine or Booster Shot in Thailand?

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The answer is yes! 

Thailand currently has the Pfizer vaccine available free for foreigners living in Thailand. 

If you plan to stay long term, or you are already resident here, you will need to register with this website  and you will get a Pfizer jab.

But what about tourists here for a short time?

And for a tourist who is planning to come to Thailand for vaccines, this is eligible for you too. However, currently, tourist vaccines are available only in Phuket province. Maybe in the future, there will be more locations. register on the same website too.

Thailand offers a lot of benefits for foreigners nowadays. Living in Thailand sounds good, right? Let us work on it. We can help you get a visa!

Click Here to Register For A Covid Vaccine

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