From 30 day Tourist to Retired Visa in Thailand.

Extend your visa straight into Retirement while in Thailand. Start with just a 30 day visa and get your Retirement Visa before you even leave Thailand.

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Are you in Thailand now, or are you planning to get here in the next few months on a tourist visa?

Are you at least 50 years old?

Do you want to spend more than 3 months at a time in Thailand?

Do you want to travel as many times as possible in and out without worrying about visas?

Then let's discuss converting your tourist visa into a retirement while your'e here in Thailand.

The awesome Miss P. from Baan Smile will meet with you, plan your timeline, get you organized, and deliver your shiny Retirement visa to you in just a few days in Bangkok or Pattaya.

The absolute best way to stop worrying and start Sabai Sabai in Thailand!

Let's Go!

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"They are very honest and professional. I will definitely use their services when I move to Thailand."
~ Remi Di Rocco
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