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These days, elderly care homes in the west such as the United States or Europe are very expensive and usually badly run, which is not the case in Thailand as we will explore in this video.

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Why are Thai nursing homes better?

Nursing homes in Thailand are better than western ones because:

  • Firstly it is more affordable.
  • Nursing homes in Thailand offer 24 hour one-on-one care all year. Caregivers work round the clock in Thailand, which provides a safe atmosphere to the elderly as well as peace of mind to the families.. Having 24 hour care is also crucial for those suffering with diseases such as Alzheimer’s as they might require constant attention.
  • In Thai culture, people respect the elders, so your family will definitely be treated like a valued family member.
  • Nursing homes in Thailand actually feel like a home, and not a hospital which eliminates the feeling of being trapped in a hospital for the rest of their lives.
  • Day trips and fun activities are often organized in Thai nursing homes so there will be plenty of excitement instead of just being offered a tv like in most western care homes.
  • Do we even have to mention the year-round warm weather we have here? (Laughs), living in warm weather if both physically and mentally beneficial for elderly people and they will have a happy life here.
  • There are plenty of British-owned retirement homes available in Thailand as well, which could be a good option because there are other elderly people from western countries living there as well, so it could be easier to communicate with them and feel like home.


Can I send my elderly family to Thailand from other countries?

Yes, most definitely you can send anyone to nursing care facilities in Thailand, in fact, Thailand is gaining popularity for families living in Europe and the United States, where elderly care is extremely expensive and also not up to standard, with patients often being neglected and treated badly. Please keep in mind they a retirement visa is required in order to send them here.

What are the costs of nursing homes?

Nursing homes in Thailand are much more affordable in western countries. 

Prices for a world class elderly care facility such as Care Resort in Chiang Mai, which has been described as a 4-star hotel, starts at 37,000 baht or around $1,100 (950 EUR, 810 GBP) a month for a well-furnished studio size with round the clock care and specially prepared food depending on individuals requirements. 

Patients with diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia are also accommodated as well. 

This is far more affordable as compared to western countries such as Switzerland where prices for nursing homes are anywhere between $5,000 to $10,000. It’s not just about the costs savings that are available here, Nursing homes in Thailand offer the same level of professionalism while providing a much more warm and pleasant environment for your loved ones.

If you are interested in assisted living facilities in Thailand, Chiang Mai is by far the most popular city offering a wide options of both locally and foreign owned care facilities. 

Please note that There are financial requirements to get a Thai retirement visa, which is what you or your elderly family will need in order to stay in a nursing care facility in Thailand. Either a deposit of 800,000 baht deposit into a Thai bank account  is required or a monthly income/pension of at least 65,000 baht. For more detailed information regarding the retirement visa please watch our videos about obtaining an Thai retirement visa, or check out our website at

So there you have it, we hope that you found the information useful. Thailand is an excellent place for elderly care with plenty of affordable and world class facilities available without breaking your bank. It also costs a fraction of what you’re expected to pay in the west such as the USA and Europe. Your loved ones will truly enjoy their golden years in Thailand and you will also have peace of mind that they are being take care of properly and affectionately.

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