Want to Remote Work in Thailand?

How can you remote work for 60, 90, 270 days or permanently in Thailand?

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Your company has decreed you can work remotely.

Or maybe after long and hard work, you've setup your own business so you can work from anywhere.

And you've been watching your favorite Thailand vloggers and gotten excited about Thailand. So here's the best way to come to Thailand now and work (officially or unoficially).

60 Days in Thailand

Enter Thailand without a visa and get a 30 day stamp, then a 30 day extension. 60 Days in Thailand is a good way to kickstart your creative juices just by being in a different environment. 
Get your Thailand Pass

90 Days in Thailand

Three months is a great time to spend in Thailand. It's enough to get a fantastic new project off the ground in your online business. You would get a 60 day tourist visa and a 30 day extension. 
Get a Tourist Visa & Thailand Pass

270 Days in Thailand

The Special Tourist Visa (STV) gives you a lot of time in Thailand, but you do have to leave after the duration and get a new visa. However, its the best way to spend almost a year without worrying about visas or doing border runs.
Get an STV Visa

1 Year (or more) in Thailand

This one is for serious people. If you already have a well-running online business and want to setup a back-office team in Thailand, then this is the way to do it. It's less combersome than you might think, and you could save a significant amount of money while growing your business even more. This allows you to work officially in Thialand with a work permit.
Get a Business Visa

Nomad Visa (Coming Soon)

Thailand has approved a new "Digital Nomad" visa that will allow you to legally work in Thailand. In a few months we will get more information about the requirements. But from what we understand, you will need to have a Masters Degree, earn at least $40,000 USD for the past 2 years and invest $100,000 USD in Thailand. 

Contact us for help and questions about coming to Thailand.

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