Thailand's STV Visa is DEAD - What are alternatives?

The STV (Special Tourist Visa) was a great visa that allowed you to stay in Thailand for 9 months without leaving. Now that it has ended, what are your alternatives?

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What was the STV?

The Special Tourist Visa was introduced in the time of Covid to help improve Thailand's tourist situation. It was always a temporary program that ran for 2 years and allowed recipients to stay in Thailand for up to 9 months without leaving.

The Visa is now ended.

Since it was a temporary program, the visa has now ended and an official notice is posted on the Thai EVisa website.

There is one alternative for Tourists

The standard tourist visa that allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 60 days at a time with a 30 day extension is still available and you can use that to stay up to 90 days at a time.

Otherwise, you do have to look towards some kind of long term visa.

Thailand has started to move towards more premium visas such as the Elite Visa and the new Long Term Resident visa. Staying for a shorter time really means a limited 90 day period.

If you do want to stay longer, we suggest you book a consultation with us to explore what your options are and what the costs might be.

Request a consultation now.

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