Request a Consultation

Get a consultation about visas, real-estate, business or anything before you make the final move to Thailand. Save time and money and make less mistakes as you make this life-changing journey.

"Eric and Miss Pea will do everything possible to make your process go easy and fast."
~ Kurt Conover

How much do consultations cost?

A consultation with the Baan Smile team starts at 3,500 THB for one hour.

Can I consult with a lawyer?

Yes. You can book an hour with our lawyer starting at 4,500 THB for an hour. Our lawyer specialises in business, marriages, and other Thailand civil and criminal matters.

Is there any follow-up support?

Yes, our team will be available for email and text questions for 30 days after the initial consultation.

How will the consultations be conducted?

You can meet us in person at our office. By Zoom, WhatsApp, PhoneCall or any other convenient method.

How do I pay for the consultation?

Once you agree to the consultation service and fees, we will invoice you for the the consultation. You can pay with any major credit card, Paypal, debit cards of Thai bank transfers.