Where will you stay in Thailand?

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"I contacted this company thinking they could help me arrange a border run, but that's not part of their business. Still, they talked to me for ten minutes and kindly answered all of my questions. I was very impressed by their customer service even..."

Thomas Nohejl

The first time I came to Thailand, I was a complete virgin.

I had no freaking idea which neighborhood to stay in.

Sure, there are tons of great hotels and Airbnb's. But it could be the best looking place in a crappy neighborhood. Far from transportation, too near to bars and nightlife or 10 kilometers from the beach.

I could have used some help.

That's why we have two services to help you:

#1 Find the best hotel

#2 Find a great condo to rent for 6 months or a year

Both services help you to find the best deal, negotiate with the owner and put you in the neighborhood that best fits you.

Great if you are both planning to live here, just visiting for a week or have a digital nomad strategy.

I leverage my experience in Immigration, travel, accomodation, business, dating and living in Thailand to help you live your best life in Thailand.

Ericson Smith
Baan Smile
Bangkok, Thailand