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Can I have my prescription ADHD medication (Adderall) in Thailand?

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I suffer from ADHD (and multiple concussions). I use Adderall to perform my daily knowledge-based work. Is there any scenario where I can continue to take my prescription medication, especially if I am seeking to relocate to Thailand long-term (5+ years)? Thank you, Baan Smile!

Asked by @Tim 1 year ago.
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Almost all prescription medications are available in Thailand. Quite a lot of them even without prescriptions. And generally many times lower the price than in your home country.

Thailand offers medical care that is routinely in the top 10 in the world. So you should not have to worry about this. 

Before you plan to arrive, be sure to contact us so we can connect you with doctors that can evaluate what you have and make sure you continue with the prescriptions you are now taking.

Answered 1 year ago by @Baan Smile