can you tell me the cheapest and way I can achieve the following...

I would like to come to Thailand in October 2021 and stay for 2-3 years (maybe longer). Can you tell me what type of visa would be best for me and also what (and how much) would be the best medical insurance to have. I am 58 and have funds to support myself but would like to continue working via the internet and have a Thai bank account to for money to paid into and so I can transfer money from my English bank account (when needed).

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Yes. The best visa for you would be the retirement visa. To get this visa you need to have 800,000 THB into a bank account here (about 17,596.57 Pound sterling).

This money is yours and you can use it during the year. But when you need to renew the visa in subsequent years, you do need to show these funds in your account again.

The process is:

  1. Rent a condo/apartment/house
  2. Open a bank account (based on your rental contract)
  3. Transfer funds into your new bank account from your home country
  4. Get your retirement visa.

We are here to help you every step of the way with this process with a team that cares. Please contact us directly at any of the links below if you have more questions which we are happy to answer!

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