How do I get a Long Term Resident visa for Thailand?

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Ask Baan Smile   Long Term Resident Visa Thailand - LTR   Answer

LTR visas will be offered to four categories of foreigners: Wealthy Global Citizens, Wealthy Pensioners, Work-from-Thailand Professionals, and Highly-Skilled Professionals. Spouses and dependents of LTR visa holders will also qualify for the same visas.

  • Wealthy Global Citizen

    Wealthy individuals holding at least USD 1 million in assets

  • Wealthy Pensioner

    Retirees aged 50 years and older who have an annual pension or stable income

  • Work From Thailand Professional / Nomad

    Remote workers working for well-established overseas companies

  • Highly Skilled Professional

    Professionals or experts in targeted industries working for business entities or higher education institutes or research centers or specialized training institutions in Thailand or Thai government agencies

  • Dependents

    Spouse and children under 20 years old of LTR visa holders (Maximum 4 dependents in total per one LTR visa holder)

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