Khun Chalida - Jayna's video mentioned you offer tour guide services?

I just saw a video from Jayna, she mentioned you offer tour services? I live in Hawaii and visited Thailand many time but only once had a professional tour. If true can I have details please.

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Yes, you can get a tour when you arrive in Thailand.

Here is an example of some of the things you can ask Chalida to help you with:

  • Visit potential neighborhoods to live in
  • See condos or homes you want to rent or buy
  • Explore interesting neighborhoods
  • Help you with your shopping trip
  • Translations
  • Run many errands in one day
  • A day trip to Pattaya
  • Visit any of the provinces or cities near to Bangkok
  • Explore the culture of Thailand
  • Take you on a food tour
  • Night markets
  • Nightclub and Skybar hopping
  • See some sights
  • Visit with friends outside of Bangkok.
  • A day at the beach with your family.

Here is more info for you friend.

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