Can you help me to find a place to stay and a doctor?

I would like to come there around July. How much do you charge for helping me? What do you do to help? (I would like the deluxe package please) I want to stay long term, 2-7 years maybe more if you will let me. Do you help with finding Doctor and housing?

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It depends on what you want to do.

We assume you mean you want a retirement visa, stay in Thailand for 2-7 years and help with finding a condo and a doctor.

For sure we can do it all.

Please contact us directly at this email:

"We are extremly satisfied of your first report of 5 pages regarding our next trip to Thailand and Vietnam in October 2022. We feel safe in your hands and have got all the answers to our questions on zoom with you two, even more. We apreciate the accuracy of your proposals & answers from our needs. We will work on the plan that you sent to us and then feedback to you."
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