What are the requirements for Foreign Experts?

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Ask Baan Smile   Long Term Resident Visa Thailand - LTR   Answer

If you are a foreigners with foreign experts and want to apply for LTR these are the requirments you need :

  • Must produce an employment contract or service agreement entered with business in Thailand or abroad
  • Foreign specialists must show proof of work experience in one of the targeted industries for a minimum of 5 years except for applicants with a PhD or above in relevant fields
  • Personal income of a minimum of 80,000 USD/year in the past 2 years
  • In case of having personal income only between USD 40,000 to USD 80,000/ year in the past 2 years or before retirement, the applicant must have a Master’s degree or above in science and technology or special expertise relevant to the job assignment in Thailand
  • No minimum income requirement for foreign workers who intend to conduct work in government higher educational institutions, research centers, specialized training centers, or government agencies.
  • Must present a health insurance policy covering medical expenses in Thailand no less than USD 50,000. The remaining coverage period shall not be less than 10 months on the date of the application, OR provide evidence of savings of at least USD 100,000 held in a Thai or overseas bank account for no less than 12 months before the date of application.
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