What is the best bank in Thailand for retirees?

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There are a lot of banks in Thailand, if you are a retiree in Thailand it is important to have a bank account. 

A lot of expats and retirees prefer to open Bangkok Bank as their Thai bank account.

Bangkok bank is Thailand’s largest bank and is popular for being the most welcoming to foreigners and non-residents. It has many branches in the country as well as in London and New York. Of all local Thai banks, it has the largest international presence. Its Foreign Currency Deposit Account is specifically designed for ex-pats.

The bank offers good exchange rates for international wire transfers. It also allows account holders to connect a western branch to their PayPal account for quick money transfers. The bank’s online banking facilities are better than most local banks. Its main branch, on Si Lom road, is the most friendly one to foreigners.

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