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Why are the Thai ladies scamming nice guys?

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Have you ever heard the saying “Nice guys finish last”?

Well, your problem is that you think that all women are nice, precious and will not do anything bad. Wake up friend. We were all taught to think that the female gender can do no wrong, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

So here you are in Thailand.

You're the nice guy. You treat all the girls nicely. You go to the wrong place (bar, massage shops, sketchy nightclubs and other locations).

You flash your money.

You will forever be scammed of your money, your emotions and everything else for the rest of your life until you realize that women are like men. You will forever be scammed until you stop going to the “wrong” places to meet someone.

Thailand is filled with great girls that are nice. But you're just frequenting the places where women treat a Farang like a walking ATM machine.

Change your environment and you will change your outcomes.

Answered 1 year ago by @Baan Smile