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When it comes to shopping online, you might only know the ones local to your country, and the shipping can either be too expensive, or worse, they don't even deliver to Thailand. This is why it's good to know sites that are local to the country. Choose between these selection of online shopping sites that offer great prices with a humongous range of options from clothing to electronics to your favorite snacks.


You've probably already heard of AliExpress before as its a worldwide company, but did you know living in Thailand can allow you to get products with shipping costs next to nothing, or completely free? AliExpress promises fast shipping with Thai residents, so you can get to your products faster.

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Shop a large variety of electrical appliances , technology, fashion, transportation vehicles and more on Priceza. You won't find that this store is missing anything, even having collectibles on the platform!

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If you are looking from great home goods and personal items, look no further than Central. The platform is filled with amazing deals so you save while earning high quality products. You can rely on their fast delivery so you wont be wondering where your product is.


Buy a large variety of affordable products from Shopee. The site has both Thai and English translation for both locals and foreigners. Delivery is quick, and you can talk to high-quality customer service.

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Lazada has a wide variety of things to choose from, almost like you were standing in a mall. Partnering with FlashExpress, you'll be getting your package most times in less than 5 days.

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