Retirement Visa

The Thailand "O-A" Retirement visa allows you to spend a year in Thailand and continuously renew your visa every year. It's the easiest option if you are at least 50 years old. If you're already here on a tourist visa, Baan Smile can help you change it to a retirement visa.

"I contacted them when I realized I needed to get a 60 day visa in my own country, USA, before arriving in Thailand. They quickly responded to every email... I was very pleased with their service"
~ Brian Homer

Who is this visa for?

The Thailand O-A visa is for foreigners aged 50 years and up who want to retire in Thailand for a up to a year at a time. You will also be able to renew it easily each year as long as you continue to meet all the requirements.

How long does it last?

This visa is valid for 1 year.

Is it renewable?

It is renewable every year and it can be renewed inside Thailand without having to leave the country as long as you continue to meet all the requirements.

Which countries qualify?

Nationals of all countries are qualified to apply for this visa.

Where to apply?

Baan Smile can help you apply before entering Thailand, or if you are already here in Thailand. It is an easier process with less requirments if you are already in Thailand on a tourist visa, visa on arrival or visa exemption.

Application Requirements Inside Thailand

  • You must be at least 50 years of age
  • Passport with at least 18 months of validity

Application Requirements Outside Thailand

  • You must be at least 50 years of age
  • Must have no diseases including leprosy, Tuberculosis, Elephantiasis, drug addiction, and third stage of Syphilis
  • Have no criminal record in Thailand and your country of nationality/residence
  • Have a Thai medical insurance policy during your entire stay in Thailand for inpatient or outpatient care
  • Passport with at least 18 months of validity
  • Completed application form and three passport photographs were taken within the last 6 months
  • Financial Documents
  • Certificate of criminal record clearance from your country of nationality
  • Medical certificate from the country of application or Thailand stating that you do not have any of the aforementioned diseases mentioned earlier in this list
  • Insurance policy documents
  • Prepare a visa fee of 5,000 THB (USD 150)

If you have a spouse or a child under 20 years of age, they can also apply for the O-A or the O visa by providing the following documents:

  • Marriage certificate (spouse) in addition to the documents stated above
  • Birth certificate (child)

Financial Requirements

  • You must EITHER have a minimum security deposit of 800,000 THBin a Thai bank account OR have a monthly income of 65,000 THB \OR a combination of the two resulting in at least 800,000 THB per year
    • In the case of the security deposit, you will need to provide an updated bank book together with a letter of guarantee.
    • In the case of monthly income, you will need a letter from your embassy in Thailand certifying that income.

After Getting the Thailand Retirement Visa

Once you get the Thailand Retirement Visa, you can enter the country within the duration that the visa is issued. However, there are certain rules that all expatriates in Thailand have to comply with. One is that you have to apply for a Thai Re-Entry Permit if you want to leave and the other is that you have to report your address to Immigration every 90 days while you continue to live there.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Thai O-A visa cost?

The visa application fee is 5,000 THB per person

Do I still have to do the 90-day reporting with the O-A visa?

Yes, you still have to report your current address to the Thai Immigration office every 90 days.

Do I need the re-entry permit when leaving Thailand?

Yes, you need to apply for a re-entry permit everytime you leave Thailand, or you can get a yearly re-entry permit at the time you get your visa.

Can I work in Thailand with the O-A retirement visa?


Can I apply for the O-A visa from within Thailand?

Yes, in addition to applying from your country of nationality/residence before entering Thailand, you can also apply for this visa extension from within Thailand if you have already entered through the visa exemption stamp, tourist visa, or other forms of Non-Immigrant visas. Please contact Baan Smile if you want to change your tourist visa to a retirement visa while you are inside Thailand.