Health Insurance

Even though Thailand's health care costs less than in the west, hospital bills can really pile up. The best way to remain financially solvent, is to buy a good health insurance plan for when you're here. Baan Smile will help you get affordable health insurance no matter how young or old you might be.

"The team at Baan smile were so professional the customer service was excellent. I first called to get help with extending my tourist visa. Miss P was so honest on the phone she advised me if I wanted I could do extension myself and would only be 1,900 baht. I appreciated her honesty and advised her I prefer a company that has experience and would relieve my headache trying to figure on my own. Her team took over and completed all necessary paperwork and got all my information from me that was needed. They scheduled a day to meet at Immigration and I was met by Miss P and her assistant Sophia. They walked me through process and it was so simple. I am happy to have met the team at BAAN SMILE. I will be calling them for all my needs and services in Thailand."
~ Minh Nguyen

Who is this for?

If you are living in Thailand for a year or more, we recommend health insurance. It is best for those in these categories:

  • Retirement visas
  • Business Visas (business or job)
  • Elite Visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Education Visa

How does it work?

Give us your details and Baan Smile will find the best insurance for you. We have relationships with all the best health insurance companies in Thailand. Whether you want to live on the beaches, in the city, on the farm or in the mountains, we will find the perfect plan for you.

Do you help people over 70 years old?

Yes! Absolutely. We have plans for those up to 99 years old.

What information do you need?

We need your country of origin, date of birth, contact information.

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