Retirement Visa Plus Service

Retiring in Thailand has been your dream for a long time. Get the Retirement (Plus) service to help you with every detail of settling down in the kingdom. The Visa is just the start. You can call on us for anything during your entire time here. Let's get started!

How can we help you?

Retiring in Thailand means you go through several stages. You can start while you're here with just a simple tourist visa, or begin the process from your home country.

Bank Account

To get a retirement visa, you do need to have a bank account in Thailand. We will help you with all the paperwork and requirements so you can successfully open your bank account in Thailand.

Prepare your Visa

Once you get your bank account and funds are transferred inside of it, the next step is for you to get your visa. We can prepare everything for you so the entire process is completed in a day. This means preparing all the paperwork beforehand and escorting you to the local Immigration office so everything is completed quickly, efficiently and successfully. 

We will also make sure that you receive a year-long re-entry permit so you can easily travel in and out of Thailand without losing your retirement visa.

Find your House, Townhome or Condo

As part of your retirement package, we will find the perfect place for you to live that is just what you can afford for the long term. We will help you setup your Internet, Electricity and Water services and pay them on your behalf when you are outside of Thailand.

Health Insurance

Even though health care if affordable and world-class in Thailand, if have a critical illness and need hospitalization, health insurance can come to the rescue. We will get the best health insurance package for your age and circumstances that has affordable monthly, quarterly or annual payments. 

Shopping & Other Services

One of the great benefits of living in Thailand is absolutely great delivery services and online shopping. We can setup the apps on your phone that help you order food and groceries from the top delivery services available. And also setup shopping apps like Lazada so you can easily buy items online. Finally, if you need to find something local, you can just ask us and we will get the perfect resources for you. We'll even setup a water delivery service for your home.

90 Day Reporting

An important aspect of living in Thailand is doing the 90 day reporting. With this, you do need to let the Thai immigration know where you are living. We can handle this for you so you never have to think about it again or ever have to visit the Immigration department.

Home Care Services

With our associated home care company, we can handle all the cleaning and maintenance of your home. Just give us a call and we will dispatch a maid, a service technician or anyone that you need to make your life in your new home just right.

Need something else? Just Ask Baan Smile

The “Ask Baan Smile” service is here for you even when you settle in Thailand. Ask us any questions at any time. Our concierge service is available to do any kind of task for you -- from finding an at-home massage service, translations, or running errands for you.

With Baan Smile, you can spend your time travelling around Thailand, relaxing on the beach or bar and making great friendships. Everything else would be taken care of for you.

Please contact us to get started!

How can we help you?