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Want to stay in Thailand but need a plan? Which visa is best for your case? How long can you stay? How much will it cost? Do you qualify for retirement? What about the Elite and LTR Visas? We can answer all these questions in a private video consultation.

Request a Video Consultation $75.00 USD

Save money and endless regrets. Learn how long to stay, where to border run, how to get visa extensions, best flights, the cost of everything, when to come and what are the best visas for your situation.

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Customized Thailand Travel Planning

Too busy to figure out all the details of your trip to Thailand? Let Baan Smile help you with the right visas, figure out the right itinerary and take the stress out of your trip to Thailand. It is important to note that this is a travel planning service, not a travel booking service.

As a travel planning and consulting service, Baan Smile uses its experience and vast contacts to provide the best visa options, itineraries and suggestions from our wide network to ensure you can stay in Thailand as long as you need.

We will plan everything for you and send you the exact links so you can easily and quickly get what you need.

Moving to Thailand?

If you plan to live in Thailand permanenly or spend a lot of time here, Baan Smile will help you to get the exact kind of visas you need to make your long term vision possible.

We will plan the right kind of visas for you and help you move with your spouse, family and pets, work out relocation and shipping services you can use and help you decide on the right condos, houses, and places to live in Thailand.

What you get from this service

Baan Smile can assist you with as many elements of your trip planning as needed. We can help with the planning of flights, accomodation, transportation recommendations and things to do. It can include:

  • Travel consultation and advice
  • Transportation options
  • Hotels to fit your budget
  • Condo, House and Villa rentals
  • Activities & Things to Do
  • Itinerary

Benefits of the Baan Smile Travel Planning Service

Baan Smile will save you time and money by taking all the hassle and research out of your trip. Instead of spending all your time researching everyone online, or worrying about what will or could happen, you can leave it all to us.

Baan Smile can save you money by using our expertise about Thailand to choose the best flights, hotels, and tours that will not break the bank.

When you decide to stay in Thailand long-term, Baan Smile will make sure you choose the right visas so you stay out of immigration trouble.

Work with us to help you get things planned.

What we need from you

  • When you intend to arrive in Thailand
  • How long you want to stay in Thailand
  • Your age
  • Your budget

We will then communicate over text messaging (WhatsApp, Line, Messenger) or Zoom call to get further details from you so we can prepare a detailed plan or itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me the cheapest way for me to stay in Thailand for a long term?

Sawadee , is it best to prebook a room or just turn up , never been

Can i set up bank account

What are some great museums to visit in Bangkok?

Wow so many places to visit, but here are a few:

The National Gallery
Obviously the main museum in Bangkok. Thai culture galore.

Bang Ban Khem Museum
A cool look at popular culture of Thailand in the 50's 60's and 70's. A period that sometimes we tend to not see too much. Worth the visit.

Kamthieng House Museum
An entire ancient house moved to Bangkok to illustrate a traditional way of Thai living. The space under the house displays tools used to make a living, agricultural tools, pedestal rice offering, sacrificial offering for ancestors, wood carvings, fabric talisman, ancient gold jewelry and kitchenware etc

Please note that due to Covid some of these places are temporarily closed. We hope they re-open soon.

For more museums, visit the  Museum Thailand website.

Can I get a job in Thailand if ai learn Thai language?

How can I stay in Thailand for long

As an American, what are the requirements for entry to Thailand

Yes we can. 

You don't need a visa to enter Thailand, but you do need to get your Certificate of Entry before coming.

Guide service and many questions

What is the best bank for foreigners?

We recently produced a video about the Best Foreigner Friendly Banks in Thailand.

Based on reports from our subscribers and general reviews, Bangkok Bank seems to be the most foreigner friendly bank.

However to open an account at the bank, its best to do so in areas of Bangkok that has a lot of foreigners. This ensures that the staff in that location understands the needs of foreigners.

It's one of the few banks that will open an account for tourists with an affidavit letter from their embassy and identification.

Can a foreigner gain permanent residence in Thailand.

Yes I wish to come to Thailand

Please contact us at

We can discuss your options together to see what you qualify for!

TR visa can open bank account ?

Khun Chalida - Jayna's video mentioned you offer tour guide services?

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