Thailand Digital Nomad Strategy

Work on your laptop? Perfect. Thailand is just the place for you. If you want to spend 3 months in Thailand, a month in Bali and 3 months in Vietnam, we can help you:

  • Get the right visas
  • Make sure you don’t have problems with Thai laws
  • Find a long-term place to stay
  • Keep within budget
  • Plan your trips to other countries
  • Find the best workspace
  • Setup a real company in Thailand
  • Open bank accounts

We are the perfect Digital Nomad partner for you. Call on us anytime you need to make a move.

Price: $249.00 USD

90 days of service. We are your personal assistant in Thailand.

"I had watched their YouTube videos and contacted them with a question about visa services. They were a great help in getting my Special Tourist Visa. Most likely I wouldn't have gotten the approvals in time, and I would have had to reschedule my ..."

Jon H.

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