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Video Don't LOSE your THAI VISA - All about Re-Entry Permits

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We get this question a lot about long term visas.

“Can I leave Thailand while I’m on my retirement, education, marriage, elite, business or some other kind of long term visa?”

The answer is yes.

If you are on anything except a tourist visa, you can leave Thailand as many times as you want.

However there is one catch.. you need a re-entry permit. Or your visa will be cancelled.

Let’s get into it a little bit more.

So what’s the difference between a tourist visa and a long term visa?

A tourist visa, as the name suggests, is a visa for up to 3 months at a time and generally is considered “single entry”.

Examples of this are the 60 day tourist visa
And the 90 day Special Tourist Visa, the STV.

With these visas, generally, once you leave Thailand it is cancelled and you have to get a new one.

These visas are easy to get and there is a whole industry of people that hop across the borders into Cambodia, Vietnam, Bali, Singapore or other and apply for a new tourist visa at one of the Thai consulates in that country.

I’ll do another video on how to do a border run soon.

So coming back to the visas, if you do any kind of long term visa, such as the retirement visa, education visa, business visa, or the elite visa — then you can travel in and out of thailand as many times as you wish each year.

What you do need is a re-entry permit.

So what’s a re-entry permit?

In simple terms, its a special stamp that ensures you can re-enter Thailand without your long term visa being cancelled.

You can get this re-entry permit at any immigration office in the days before you leave, or at the airport as you are leaving.

The cost of this permit is 1,000 Baht for one time.

Or if you are traveling many times per year you can get a multiple entry stamp for 3,800 Baht.

If you’re going to get the re-entry permit at the airport, be sure to ask the immigration office where you can buy the permit.

Make sure to have a passport photo with you.

Generally traveling around Asia they do need a heck of a lot of passport photos. So I generally get about 10 when I go to the photo place.

And make sure to have cash with you. They will generally only accept cash.

So that’s it guys.

You can travel inside and outside of Thailand as many times as you want.

We do have some customers that are on long term visas but want to spend only half of the year here in Thailand. This kind of visa is perfect for them.

And we also have some customers that when we help them apply for a retirement visa, we tack on the multiple re-entry permit at the same time so this is not something they have to worry about.

Either way, contact us to talk about your long term visa in Thialand at one of the links in the description below!


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