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Video How long can YOU stay on a TOURIST VISA in THAILAND? 2022

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So there you are. You want to come to Thailand. But do you need a visa?

Before the pandemic, Thailand had one of the largest tourism industry in the world and was always in the top 10 ranks of places visited. Just about 40 million tourists visited Thailand in 2019.

And that’s because of a fairly liberal visa policy that allowed people from most countries to enter Thailand without a visa.

But depending on how long you want to stay and which country you come from, there are some cases where you might need a visa.

So there are three classes of tourist visas.

And we’ve put a link in the description below summarizing which

#1 is your Visa on Arrival
With this one you can apply for a visa that lasts for 15 days when you arrive at the airport in Thailand. Countries like Chine, India, Mexico, Taiwan and a few others are the ones that need this kind of visa.
In a few cases you can get an extension for the VOA but if you do it will only be for 7 days. So really, this visa is for a nice short two week vacation for this group of countries.

#2 Is the 60 day tourist visa
This one you do have to apply for before you enter Thailand. And pretty much every country on earth is eligible to get one of these. In some cases you can do it online, and in other cases you have to mail in your passport to a local Thai consulate or even visit them in person to get your visa.
Once you get this visa, you can stay in Thailand for up to 60 days, then apply for an extension for another 30 days, so really, it means 3 months in Thailand.

#3 Then, there is the Visa Exemption or the “30 day stamp”
As the name suggests, in most cases you don’t need a visa to enter Thailand. Most western countries, European countries and countries with great relations with Thailand can just show up at the airport and get a stamp in the passport that entitles you to stay for 30 days in the country.
This stamp is not actually a visa. It’s just permission to stay in Thailand for 30 days.
But you can get an extension for this stamp for another 30 days, so really, you can stay in Thailand with this stamp for up to 60 days.

#4 Finally there is the Special Tourist Visa
The Special Tourist visa was put into place to help Thailand in the last 2 years This visa allows you to stay in Thailand for up to 3 months at a time, and you can extend this visa 2 more times. So it means you can be in Thailand for up to 9 months.
Check out the link in the description to see what the requirements are for this visa.
Now we are not sure if the STV program will be renewed on September 30
For now, as of May, if you apply for and get the STV now, it means you can stay in Thailand for around 6 more months, unless they renew the program.

What if you want to stay longer?
You can do a border run to Vietnam, Cambodia or another country and get a new 60 day tourist visa at a consulate there, or just return to Thailand for another 30 day stamp or even Visa on Arrival.

Oh, there’s one little trick for the 60 day visa.
If you applied for your 60 day visa online, you can apply for a new one online again, even if you’re already in Thailand. Once you get it you do have to leave Thailand and enter so they can stamp your passport with the new visa.

This means in the last 2 weeks before your visa expires, you can make the online application once again. Buy a return ticket from Vietnam to Thailand and Back again for the purposes of this visa. Its just another way to do it if you don’t want to have to deal with the consulates in another country.

Remember guys, all of these visas are tourist visas. So it means you have to enter Thailand with them. You cannot switch to a new type of tourist visa while you’re already in Thailand.

Don’t forget that we can help you to to get your 60 day tourist visa or your STV Visa. We do a lot of those guys. Click on the link in the description and we’ll get started on yours.


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