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Video How much $$$ MONEY to enter Thailand? 2022

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To apply for your tourist visa:

To enter Thailand and apply for a visa, you need to have a minimum amount of funds in your bank account.

Thai immigration almost never asks for this.

But when you’re applying for a visa, you do need to show this.

If you are entering Thailand without a visa, — for example visa exemption or visa on arrival program, almost no one will ask you for this either.

So there are two cases that you need to show a bank statement.

The first is when applying for a Thai tourist visa online. You need to show about 20,000 baht per individual person and 40,000 baht if you’re traveling with your family.

That’s about 600 US dollars at current exchange rates.
This might be different for your country, so check when applying.

The second is when applying for a Thai tourist visa at any local consulate. It’s the same requirement, but, here’s the thing, it can vary slightly depending on which country you are in. So be sure to ask the consulate.

This is important if you are making a border run to a country such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia or the Philippines.

Additionally, your bank statement needs to be current to the present month. Generally we have found that bank statements older than a few weeks will not be accepted.

When you print out your bank statement, make sure that it has the date on it — which should be current and that it clearly shows the balance. Oh and it should clearly show your name and address.

In a few causes of personal experience, the Thai consulate both online and locally had turned down bank statements because the printouts were not clear. Or it was in black and white instead of color.

We have seen a few of our customers try to blank out information on the statement to keep privacy, but those were also generally rejected.

Your bank statement is very important to apply for a 60 day tourist visa. I don’t know of an alternative at this point, you pretty much have to have it.

So what other financial requirements are necessary for other kinds of Thai visas like an “O” visa or an STV Visa?

It depends. For example an “O” visa financial requirements could be $700 USD or as much as $5,000 USD. When you do the application you will see the requirements at that time.

And what about the visa exemption when you are just entering Thailand without a visa?

In most cases you don’t have to show anything. Just enter Thailand. But in a few cases, we have heard that people have been asked to show a bank statement, credit card account or cash in their pockets.

Just like everything in Thailand, all these decisions are up to the “discretion of the immigration officer” that you encounter.


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