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Renting a home in Thailand is easier than most western countries.

If you travel in and out of Thailand a lot, its actually cheaper to rent a condo than to stay in AirBnB’s or even hotels.

Let’s just do the simple math…

Stay in a Hotel for US $20 per night, would run you $600 for the month. But you could rent a condo for about half that price.

And with the condo, you can have a place to put your baggage, and items that you are travelling around with.

Also, you have a fixed address to receive mail and packages whenever you do transactions in Thailand.

Having a proper address makes it easy when you’re applying for a long term visa.

And of course, if you need to open a bank account in Bangkok, you can take that rental contract to some banks here who will be happy to open an account for you - regardless of the type of visa you have.

But if you’re a frequent traveller to different countries and Thailand, having a home in Thailand should be one of your strategies to have options --- especially in these uncertain times when the world has changed some much in 2020.

So enough about all the upsides!

Let’s talk about how you rent a home.

Step #1
First, you need to find the kind of place that you want. To help you do that, click the link in the description below and one of our agents will help you with your search.

Step #2
Ok, you found a place, and the monthly price is within your budget. You need to prepare 2 months deposit and the first month rental. So that’s 3 months of rent. This is the standard in Thailand for renting places.

Step #3
What do you need to rent in Thailand?
A copy of your passport

Tell the agent what your profession is - you could be retired, be a digital nomad or work here in Bangkok. But you don’t want to say you’re just a tourist -- you need to state some kind of profession. Agents and owners want to know this so they can figure out if you have the ability to pay the rent.

Sign the paperwork in person or virtually. This is going to depend on the flexibility of the agent and owners. Some will allow the signing of the contract virtually and some will require you to sign it in person when you arrive in Thailand.

An important thing to consider about Thailand is that there is not generally any kind of credit checks as in the west before you rent an apartment.

People tend to trust you first and verify later.

Always pay your rent on time and you will have a good reputation in the rental industry -- and the government or banks will not be getting into your business.

Be aware that if you have a long term visa, you will have to report this address to the Immigration every 90 days under Thai law.

Another thing, be a good neighbor! We have heard of people been kicked out of condos even with a rental agreement because of bad behavior, too much noise, or generally sketchy behavior that turns off the other residents.

You are a guest in Thailand, people want you to be here. But just like every other country, Thai people have a limit too.

Anyway, I think we covered most of the details with renting a home here in Thailand. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. And of course if you need help with finding a home, starting a business, getting a visa -- hit the link to our website in the description down below!

See you next time!

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