Is the Thailand Elite Visa really worth it?

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A lot of people are wondering if it makes sense to get the Thailand Elite Visa.

It might.

After all it's expensive, you still can't work in Thailand and it does not lead to permanent residency.

But we had one of our Elite Visa customers, Dorian, do an interview with us about his Elite visa. (Click to watch).

It made sense for him. He is below 50 years old, retired early, not interested in working in Thailand, and wants to spend at least the next 5 years here.

I've helped both individuals and families get their Elite Visa.

Me and my team do all the paperwork, so you don't have to, and after 45 days (normal processing time), your passport will be ready to be stamped with the Elite Visa.

Contact me on WhatsApp now to find out more. You can even begin the process before you arrive in Thailand.

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Best regards,
Voraporn "Miss P".

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