Find a Home

Looking for a condo or house in Bangkok or Pattaya? We'll shortlist the best ones in exactly your budget and personally take you to each one in the neighborhoods of your choice. We make sure you get the best High Speed Internet, and amenities that you deserve.

"Very reliable, efficient and effective service, especially Miss P."
~ Stan Lee

Can I really rent or buy a condo in Thailand?

Yes! Anyone, regardless of the type of visa (or even no visa) can rent or buy a condo in Thailand, or rent a house of any size or quality in Thailand. You can leave Thailand and return to your home here as many times as you want.

How long can I rent for?

You can rent for at least 6 months or a year. If you want a shorter term rental, we recommend AirBnB or a hotel.

How do I pay utilities?

You can pay for all utilities such as electricity, cable tv, and high speed internet service for your home online. Some utilities such as water might need to be paid for at the office of your condo. These can be paid for whether you are inside or outside of Thailand.

Which countries can get a home in Thialand?

Nationals of all countries can rent a home in Thailand.

How to find a home?

Contact Baan Smile to help locate the right home in the neighborhood or city that you love.


  • Passport
  • Two month's deposit and the first month's rental.
  • A valid visa of any kind (tourist, retiremnet, visa on arrival, visa exemption)
  • Your landlord will ask basic questions about your ability to pay the monthly rental.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Baan Smile service cost?

In some cases, Baan Smile charges a one time fee of 1,500 THB to start the process for you.

Will I get back my deposit?

Yes! Stories of people not getting back their deposit is as a result of working with unscrupulous property agents or owners. Baan Smile works with some of the best and friendliest agents in Bangkok and Pattaya. All of our customers get back their deposit. Of course if there is any damanges or if you break the lease early, you may not get back the full deposit.

Can I break my rental contract early?

Yes. You will not get your 2 months deposit back.

Can i rent out my home while I am away?

Yes, but this is up to the rules of your landlord or the condo that you live in. Some condos do not like short term rentals of less than a month.

Can I open a bank account with a rental contract?

Maybe. Some banks will allow it and some will not. 

Can Baan Smile find a home for me before I come to Thailand?

Yes, but you do have to fully pay for it before arriving here as it is not possible to hold a home that you like for more than a week or two.

If I find a home, can Baan Smile make the arrangements for me?

Yes! Just send us the information about the home and we will contact the owner or rental arrangements and make it happen for you, whether you are here in Thailand or planning to come soon.