Get the Perfect Travel Itinerary for your Thailand Vacation

It’s time for your vacation, do you go to the north, the south, the beaches or the cities? What about the travel time between places you want to get to? What are the sights to see while you travel around? And how about hotels, airbnb or hostels to stay in? Baan Smile will..

  • Meet with you to discover your preferences
  • Help choose your flights
  • Pick the right Hotels or AirBnB’s for your budget
  • Plan the best transportation around Thailand
  • Pick the best list of Things to Do in each city
  • Help plan side trips to Vietnam, Cambodia, Bali, etc.
  • Provide city guides in each location
  • Plan shopping trips
  • Get the timing of everything absolutely right.

Get the best itinerary for your trip that will save you money, time and give you the best chance for maximum fun in and around Thailand. Let’s get started!

Price: $99.00 USD

Complete travel planning and Itinerary for you and your travel group for up a 3 month stay in Thailand.

"I could not be any happier with Apiporn and the team at Baan Smile. Once I meet with them I knew they were the right choice. They told me the steps needed to be done to get my retirement visa, told me the price, no hidden fees. They helped me get ..."

Dan D

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