Apply for a 60 Day Tourist Visa

If you want to stay 90 days in Thailand, getting a Tourist visa is the best way to do it instead of just a “visa exemption” stamp. Baan Smile will help you apply for your tourist visa well before you arrive in Thailand. Many tourist visa applications get rejected because of simple mistakes. Don’t lose time. Baan Smile will help:

  • Make sure you choose the right return flights
  • Format your bank statements correctly
  • Cleanup your documents before submission
  • Choose the perfect hotels for you
  • Submit your application so it will get approved.
  • Assist you with you 30 day visa extension in Thailand
  • Assist you in making a border run and applying for a tourist visa in a neighboring country so you can repeat another 90 day stay!

Save time and stay longer in Thailand. Let’s get started!

Price: $125.00 USD

Filing of your tourist visa online (immigration fees not included)

"Thank you Apiporn and the team for advising and helping me through the complete retirement visa process. They’re a friendly polite team you want to keep in your contact list to help you transition into your new Thailand life."

Elvy Moen

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