What are some recommended activities for tourists to do in Bangkok?

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What are some recommended activities for tourists to do in Bangkok?

Original Case

A tourist posed a question about must-do activities in Bangkok, Thailand. They were eager to make the most out of their visit to the city and wanted to experience the best that Bangkok had to offer.

Baan Smile's Recommendations

In response, Baan Smile, a Thailand-based travel and relocation specialist, provided a comprehensive list of recommended activities for a memorable Bangkok experience. The recommendations kick-started with a visit to the historic Bangkok City Pillar and the Bangkok National Museum to learn about the founding of Thailand. A visit to the Animal Kingdom was also suggested, which was described as an amazing experience.

Baan Smile also emphasized the importance of immersing oneself in Thai culinary culture. They suggested trying out street food that might look similar to what one has in their own country, but is uniquely authentic in its own right. They further recommended experiencing Thai street and restaurant cuisine in Chatuchak weekend market, which is an enormous local market.

For a fun-filled evening, Baan Smile suggested a Tuk Tuk food tour from 8.30 pm to midnight. This unique gastronomic experience was tagged as a must-do activity in Bangkok. Furthermore, they also recommended a dinner cruise, a visit to the safari world, and enjoying the view from a sky bar hotel. Other recommendations included exploring the night market, indulging in Thai massage and body scrub treatments, hanging out on Sukhumvit, Khaosan and Nana Plaza roads, sipping cold coffees at 7-11, and visiting the Animal Safari.


Baan Smile's extensive knowledge of Thailand ensures that tourists get to experience the best that the city has to offer. From historical site visits, food tours, shopping excursions, to wellness treatments, Baan Smile curates experiences that cater to every tourist's preferences. By leveraging its expertise and local insights, Baan Smile ensures that every Bangkok visitor doesn't just see Thailand but truly experiences it.

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