Is the new Thailand "Nomad" Visa for you?

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As part of a set of new visas, Thailand has approved a new 10 year visa that's good for Digital Nomads.

If you have your own business, such as an online business, you could even apply for a work permit in the Kingdom. The fee is 10,000 THB per year and you can renew the visa for a 5 year term each time.

The only hurdle seems to be that some of the new visas require at least a Masters degree.

You should also have some proof of earnng at least 40,000 USD per year, and of course the obligatory health insurance.

Since the government is still preparing these rules, we suspect some of these might change between now and then. Of course we will update you as soon as these rules are published.

My opinion is that the requirement of a master's degree is a mistake. The typical entrepreneur mindset is not one for master's degrees. Especially those who work remotely. I think this is just the kind of environment that those preparing the regulations expect and is a holdover from the way how Thai's do business in general, with a emphasis on academic qualifications over experience.

In the meantime, visas such as the STV allow you to stay in Thialand for up to 9 months.

If you need help applying for an STV visa, please let us know.

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~ Jon H.