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Coming to Thailand for the first time, or even contemplating a longer stay, can be frustrating. Get the answers you need to confidently plan your trip, your retirement or your longer stay in the Kingdom.

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We've gotten thousands of questions about Thailand over the past year.

Some questions are fairly simple. Others require us to do deep research and confirmation with the great folks in Thai Immigration to make sure you can get what you desire.

Some of the most popular questions are:

  • How long can someone from my country stay in Thailand?
  • What kind of visas will I need?
  • Can I bring my family with me?
  • How to do a border run?
  • Where should I stay?
  • Is the Elite Visa worth it for my case?
  • And many, many more.

We've been doing a lot of these consultations recently and they are incredibly satisfying.

Finally, you can can breathe.

You will get all the answers you need to confidently decide how you are going to spend your time in Thailand.

You will get a private call with the team and you can ask anything you want. All your questions  will be answered and you will get the right options based on which country you are from and what you want to do in Thailand.

Cost of the Zoom call: $75 USD.


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"Really helpful, fast to respond and great customer service – Thank you very much Apiporn! 🙏"
~ Fabian Nilsson
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